Yersinia ruckeri - Yersiniosis / Enteric redmouth disease (ERM)



Type: Yersinia ruckeri
  • Intraperitoneal injection

  • Immersion

  • Atlantic salmon

  • Fry

  • Parr

  • Smolt


Yersiniosis or enteric red mouth disease (ERM) is caused by the gram-negative bacterium Yersinia ruckeri. The disease was historically observed in smaller fish in fresh water, but during the last years several outbreaks in larger fish in sea water have been reported. Fish may suffer from sub clinical infections and outbreaks can be seen after stressful situations such as transport or delousing.

Challenge models

VESO Aqualab offers challenge models for fry, parr and smolts with Y. ruckeri serotype O1 isolates representative for fresh water and sea water outbreaks. Fish are challenged by i.p. injection or immersion.

Mortality in salmon parr bath challenged with Yersinia ruckeri.

Marie Løvoll

Research Director Norway/Chile, PhD
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