Contract research facility

VESO Aqualab is a contract research facility that specializes in conducting trials involving infectious diseases in various fish species. We offer standardized challenge models for Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, coho salmon, seabass and lumpfish, while also actively contributing to the development of models for other species. Our trials encompass a wide range of pathogens, including viruses, bacteria and parasites, covering both well-known and emerging diseases.

What we offer

VESO Aqualab offers pre-clinical laboratory trials to evaluate the safety and efficacy of new products. We also offer long-term studies, focusing on the duration of protection offered by vaccines, as well as conducting field trials in commercial farming settings. The test fish are bred on-site, and all trials adhere to the highest quality standards.

Contract research 

VESO Aqualab is  an independent contract research facility, deeply committed to maintaining utmost confidentiality and prioritizing customer satisfaction. Our unwavering focus lies in upholding trial quality systems, including GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), and GCP (Good Clinical Practice), while consistently upholding the the highest ethical standards across all our endeavors. Our mission is to establish the VESO brand as synonymous with unwavering quality and reliability in the field of fish health research.

Wet lab 

VESO Aqualab is equipped with state-of-the-art non-recirculation trial unit labs featuring advanced registration and surveillance systems. Our research facilities consist of wet labs with separate isolates and holding tanks from 5 to 13 000 liters. The tank design can be tailored  to accommodate all research needs, incorporating customizable elements such as individual light and feeding regimes, temperature control and salinity adjustments. We offer a range of water qualities with from 0 to ~33 ‰ salinity, sourced from depths of up to 60 meters outside the facilities. Incoming water is filtered and UV-treated prior to admittance to the test area. Effluent water is filtered and disinfected with sodium hypochlorite and ozone before release into the environment.

Clinical field trials

VESO possesses two salmon farming licenses in Norway, specifically designated for research and development purposes. These licenses enable trials to be conducted under authentic commercial farming conditions, encompassing the entire  life cycle of salmon, from hatching to harvest. This composite trial system serves as a platform for evaluating the efficacy and potential side effects of vaccines and pharmaceuticals in a real-life environment, and it enables us to facilitate clinical validation of our laboratory challenge models. All trials are consistently carried out in adherence to the principles of  GCP (Good Clinical Practice).

Leading aquatic facility

VESO Aqualab is a leading aquatic facility dedicated to conducting experimental trials aimed at the  development and registration of veterinary pharmaceutical products for use in fish. We perform trials to assess the efficacy and safety of vaccines and pharmaceuticals against viral, bacterial and parasitic disorders. Furthermore, we possess extensive  experience in documenting the effectiveness of sedatives and anesthetics, functional, feeds and genetic resistance profiles.

Professional expertise

At VESO Aqualab, we work closely with  adademic research institutions and strive to be at the forefront of generating new knowledge. Our dedicated scientific team consist sof fish health biologists, veterinarians, and highly qualified individuals holding MSc and PhD degrees. Complementing them, our technical staff possess deep knowledge of the  aquaculture industry and are educated . To ensure the highest standards of trial conduct, all employees undergo training to conduct trials according to the principles of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice).

Ethical trial design

We are sincerely dedicated to conducting trials that adhere  to the highest ethical standards, guided by the  principles of the 3Rs; Replacement, Reduction and Refinement. We continually strive to enhance our trial  models by employing adaptive design, ensuring fewer fish are involved, minimizing discomfort and reducing the duration of trials. All trials must be approved by the Norwegian Animal Welfare Authorities before trial initation.

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